Ladybug with big cuts.  Hits from PLN 35

Pedronka is not slowing down and is already serving another electronics sale. The end of May promises to be more interesting because we have a lot of offers.

Let’s leave the bloated introduction and get straight to the point, and something needs to be done, because the last days of May promise to be really intense for fans of cheap discount electronics. Pedronka prepared Up to six different showsIn which everyone interested should find something for themselves.

Let’s add, all the devices shown below will appear on the shelves May 23 to be exact And of course it will remain available until stock runs out.

Ladybug with big cuts.  Hits from PLN 35

At the beginning – Forever wireless computer keyboard and mouse In cheerful pink and green, or more classic shades of black, gray and white. Unfortunately, aside from the dimensions and the fact that the peripherals are powered by AA batteries, we don’t know much about this kit.

However, which can be safely assumed, the whole thing looks like a cheaper alternative to the recently introduced Logitech Pop series. Price: 79.90 PLN

Crazy to extend wires, but that’s not the end

Moving forward, at Biedronka we will find some extension cords. More specifically, two Network Extendersround by four and rectangular with five sockets, for PLN 34.99 apiece.

Moreover, it will also appear multi-port power supply Desktop with five USB Type-A outputs. The total power of the latter is 30 watts, although it is not known what the distribution of individual sockets looks like. The price, however, has not changed.

Ladybug with big cuts.  Hits from PLN 35

Point above and they are, in turn, two self-contained Hykker’s own brand gadgets, kitchen radio and weather station. In the first case, the manufacturer boasts the functions of a timer, clock, alarm and memory for 20 stations, in the latter – an external sensor and a graphic display.

The radio itself will also be sold in two colors. However, the photo only shows the silver version, the other is still a mystery. Ah, all of them are 99 PLN.

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Text source: Biedronka, ed. king

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