Fight plagiarism in a new way.  The supervisor will check whether the student uses GPT technology when writing his or her diploma thesis

The need for a tool that allows checking whether a student is using artificial intelligence when writing the thesis has been reported by academic tutors, PIB reported. Therefore, the Center's experts expanded the Unified Anti-Plagiarism System (JSA).

How does the JSA detect the use of AI? The method used is based on the assumption that the more regularity there is in a text, the more likely it is to be produced by a linguistic model. “This assumption has its source in the algorithm used, which is able to generate regular and predictable text,” the statement explains.

Małgorzata Wartacz, head of the JSA project at OPI, pointed out that the JSA does not provide 100% certainty that a text is plagiarized or written by artificial intelligence; It only specifies probability. Therefore, the final decision always lies with the promoter. It checks the report received from JSA and determines whether a particular diploma thesis is original.

She added: “We are constantly developing our system and listening to the voices of the academic community. We are expanding the number of reference databases and ensuring greater internationalization of our tool.”

OPI noted that detecting plagiarism using artificial intelligence is more difficult and leads to a loss of individuality and originality of diploma theses. It may contribute to spreading false or unconfirmed information and drawing scientific conclusions based on false data.

According to OPI experts, there is currently no solution on the market that would better help answer the question of whether text is written by artificial intelligence. “Even the creators of the ChatGPT technology do not have a tool that can accurately assess whether work is written by a bot or by a human,” they said in the statement.

The Unified Anti-Plagiarism System is used to detect plagiarism in diploma theses (engineering, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral). It is available free of charge to all universities in Poland. As of 2019, mandatory proofreading applies to all diploma theses. (door)

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