How is the toolbox?  Here is a powerful little generator.  For one thing, it won't find any buyers

Fusionlight has created a miniature turbine generator with an impressive power of 8 kW. It’s small and light but also… unbearably noisy. Will a fanbase like a toolbox find its own fan base?

Fusionlight It is becoming more and more famous as a manufacturer of drones, but the company’s latest innovation should not go unnoticed. Compact, the size of a toolbox Electrical generator Really amazing. It is ten times lighter than its liquid fuel counterpart. However, there is a quite noticeable feature that many will not like – the generator generates a noise of more than 100 dB during operation.

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turbine generator set With a power of 8 kW, which, according to the manufacturer, will ensure electricity in one house. It can also be used as a portable unit to charge an electric car or drones. However, it should be noted that the machine will not charge the car to the extent that it can drive freely on the highway. Anyway, there can be many uses for bundling.

Portable power generator. Practical and… out loud

Producer Fusionlight Its dimensions are 17 x 27 x 52 cm and its weight is less than 9 kg. The turbo has a volume of 459 cm3. Aggregates of this type can also be combined with each other when we need more power for charging.

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However, all the advantages of the machine diminish when we operate it. The manufacturer does not officially announce the noise from the generator. In the recording, you can hear that the loud sound, which resembles the sound of an airplane flight, is almost unbearable.

Studies of older models showed that the noise level was 116 dB. In this case, the value may be the same, although it is indicated FusionlightThis issue has been addressed. However, when listening to a video, you can have serious concerns.

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Will the group find their fans? It is difficult to judge. The cost of the device has not even been announced. Let’s hope that the next models of this generation will be calmer – then we can expect a real technological revolution.

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