Facebook crash reports are increasing rapidly

Millions of Facebook and Instagram users had a hard time Friday night. At around 9:30 PM, a major failure started, which resulted in the main Meta services being unavailable – Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram all crashing. Fortunately, the unavailability of services did not last long – around 22:40 the failure ended.

It’s 21:30

Downdetector reports clearly show the scale of the problem – the number of failure reports is growing very fast, reaching thousands in a short time. Apart from Facebook itself, Messenger and Instagram have also stopped working. The crash affects both the desktop version and the mobile apps.

Reporting of issues began around 9:30 p.m., and a map showing the geographic distribution of reports shows that no access to Facebook was reported nationwide. Most of the reports come from the largest cities in Poland, although there are also reports from smaller towns.

Facebook crash reports are increasing rapidly
Image Credit: © Downdetector

Facebook crash reports are increasing rapidly

Users deprived of access to Meta sites commented: “There is no option to open the page”, “Our description did not rain:”, “Specifically dead”. Individual observations were confirmed by Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram report statistics. which are provided on an ongoing basis.

Update, hours. 10:15 pm

Statistics updated by Downdetector show that after 22:00 the number of crash reports began to decrease significantly. There is a possibility that the lack of access is limited to a few tens of minutes.

Update, hours. 10:40 PM

Facebook and Messenger are already up and running. Instagram also loads correctly – both in the desktop version and through the app. The major failure of identification services ended.

Łukasz Michalik, journalist at dobreprogramy.pl

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