Poczta Polska RTV Postman unsubscription control

Many myths have arisen around Poczta Polska subscription checks. A year ago, the Foundation published detailed explanations refuting some of them. The probability of control is low.

No more than a few dozen controllers carry out missions across the country – It was also officially accepted by Poczta Polska in March 2023. It did not specify whether the number was closer to 20 people or 90. For a company that employs 80 thousand. People and has 7.6 thousand branches, branches and agencies, which is not a lot in both options. Postmen cannot verify payment of radio and television license fees.

Inspections in apartments or private houses are rare. – By law, the duty to register recipients and the obligation to conduct inspections apply to all users of recipients RTV. However, Poczta Polska mainly focuses on companies and institutions. The number of home inspections is negligible and only constitutes a percentage of all inspections – explained by Boczta Polska.

What times can you expect the scan?

Although the Poczta Polska spokesman does not want to reveal whether the number of observers will increase, job advertisements at this institution may show some picture. At the moment, there is only one site in Wrocław related to the function of controlling RTV subscriptions. Additionally, it is a fixed-term contract for replacement purposes. There have been more similar announcements over the past few months, including: Warsaw and Bydgoszcz.

The advertisement currently posted states that full time employment is Monday to Friday from 7am to 3pm. The employee's duties will include: “Conducting checks on compliance with the registration of RTVs in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, supporting the development of responses to explanatory letters from subscribers and promoting the registration of RTV receivers.”

Poczta Polska is looking for people with at least a secondary education, a category B driver's license and their own car that can be used for work, familiar with computer and MS Office, who can organize their work, are communicative and conscientious. We welcome people with experience in a similar position. Poczta Polska invites you to participate in the recruitment of employees from Ukraine. In another advertisement for the same position, the organization also encouraged people over the age of 50 who have taken time off work to apply.

The employer guarantees support for the caregiver during the first three months of work, attractive terms for the purchase of private medical care and insurance, subsidies for entertainment and cultural events, loans on preferential terms and support in case of a difficult financial situation, a thirteenth salary and training allowance for work, the possibility of purchasing a Multisport card on favorable terms. , discounts from business partners, and the opportunity to join postal sports groups.

No need to let the console in

The rulings of the Supreme Administrative Court show that it is very difficult for Poczta Polska to conduct effective inspections. Taking a picture of the antenna on the balcony or the radio in the car is not enough. It is clear from the above that checking the third condition, i.e. whether the condition of the receiver allows immediate reception of the program, cannot be done through the car window, but rather by actually operating the device and determining whether the device is working or not. Able to receive the program immediately. This means that Participation of the car user in the inspection is necessary, and an inspection that is carried out “quietly” is defective. In the current legal situation, the car user is not obliged to make the car available to the person conducting the inspection – just as there is no such obligation for a person living in the building that will be subject to inspection – said Aleksandra Kolbusz and Sebastian Urban of the Media Law Firm.

According to lawyers, people who refuse inspection will not face any consequences. Therefore, the inspectors will not return with the police to search the apartment. – This results from the constitutionally guaranteed principle of legality (under which public authorities act on the basis of and within the limits of the law) and the freedom expressed in Art. 50 of the Constitution – In the second sentence of this provision we read that it is not permissible to search an apartment, room or vehicle except in the cases specified in the law and in the manner specified therein. However, the law – i.e. neither the License Fee Law nor its implementing law, i.e. the Regulation of the Minister of Administration and Digitalization of 10 September 2013 on monitoring the performance of obligations related to subscription fees – does not specify how the performance of subscription fees will be controlled. with regard to The vehicle user and the renter are under no obligation to allow the inspector to conduct an inspection of their vehicle or premises, respectively. Furthermore, there may be no negative consequences for refusing to provide a vehicle or building. Therefore, the wording on the official website of Poczta Polska stating that the person being inspected must be able to check the compliance with the registration of radio and television receivers or provide evidence confirming the registration of radio and television receivers, expresses an assumed or wishful approach, but it It is also not a description of an actual obligation under common law, because it has no legal basis in law. -Note Media Law Firm representatives. On our website, lawyers have presented the detailed procedure for appeal in the event of a penalty.

Only 34.7 percent people are obligated to pay RTV license fees

The penalty for failure to register the recipient and failure to pay the RTV license fee is 30 times its monthly amount. The person or company caught doing this must also pay the contributions due. It is easier for Poczta Polska to collect fees from people who have already registered recipients. If they stop paying, it goes to the head of the tax office, who can secure the money in the account. A few months ago, the Communications and Promotion Office of the Ministry of Finance informed Wirtualnemedia.pl that due to non-payment of subscription fees from January to November 2023, enforcement proceedings were initiated based on 9,475 enforcement addresses. For comparison, during the same period in 2022, implementation procedures were carried out based on 45,854 implementation documents.

The fee for the radio receiver itself is PLN 8.70. If we also have a TV set ready for delivery, we have to pay PLN 27.30 per month. At the end of 2022, only 828,000 people had paid for radio and television licences. Binding (34.7%).

The National Broadcasting Council report shows that there are 589,000 in this group. Households and 239 thousand institutional subscribers.

A year ago, they paid just over 900,000. binding. The National Broadcasting Council does not recognize the new powers of Polish Television, Polish Radio and regional radio stations. It froze withdrawals of subscribers’ funds and later decided to transfer these funds to a court deposit.

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