Facebook crash.  It's happening again, more and more user reports

DownDetector has published a graph showing that 18, the number of problems reported in the Facebook process has increased dramatically. This is another Mark Zuckerberg platform failure this week. Previous event on Monday 4th October.

facebook crash Photo screenshot from downdetector.com

The day Facebook ran out

Facebook’s failure on Monday was global — the group’s other services, such as Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp, weren’t working either. Its availability problems persisted for six hours. This is the longest operating outage in the portals’ history. The cause of the problem was an incorrect update of the BGP protocol – the system that “controls” traffic in the network.

The collapse of Facebook lasted for 6 hours and affected users all over the world. The problems concern both the popular social networking site and other services of the American company – Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. What is the reason for that?

Facebook and Instagram crash (Illustrative image)Facebook crash. “Time to find Gadu-Gadu’s password” [KOMENTARZE]

In short, the culprit turned out to be a false update of the BGP protocol, which is the basis of the modern Internet. This system “controls” the traffic in the network and decides the path that individual data packets must take to get from A to B as quickly as possible.

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You do not trust Facebook? Here are the top three alternatives to WhatsApp and Messenger [TOPtech]

Facebook around the world

On Monday, thousands of reports of possible failures were recorded by the largest Internet providers in Poland – Orange, UPC, Plus, Play, T-Mobile or Vectra. The problem is that none of these operators had any malfunctions. Apparently, their customers have concluded that if Facebook and Instagram are down, then the entire Internet is down.

Facebook social networking siteThe failure demonstrated to many, that Facebook is the entire Internet. It’s a little scary

Our information shows that Monday evening was a very difficult time for people working in the call center for individual communications. For several hours, they had to explain to annoying clients that the failure was only related to Facebook, not the entire Internet.

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