District 31: Great uprisings continue

It didn’t take long for the rope to tighten around Denise Corbyn following the murder of Stephen Boulett.

Yes, we are still hard to accept This sad fantasy is real.

Luke Dion has already confirmed that our sentences are not at the end District 31 This Thursday’s broadcast, October 7 was marked by the departure of another main character.

We first had a great fight between Denise Corbin and Daniel Siason, the latter released her best Poker face In an attempt to stand one step ahead of the corruption investigator, unaware of it, Joel went too late to divert all suspicions to Rasikot.

It was particularly vulnerable Daniel Siason, who quickly put handcuffs on the wrists of those responsible for getting the green light to conduct a secret investigation into Carl Saint-Denis. The latter does not hide the fact that the death of Stephen Boulett was particularly devastating to him.

So, wanting to avoid another tragedy, two top executives of the SPGM met with Gabriel Smart and told him that it was time to retire and set aside time for himself to give him a chance to truly grieve. Husband, her father and Stephen.

This is certainly the most predictable and most logical situation in this matter. No unexpected twist here. Gabriel Smart is no longer a woman at work since her husband died.

She tried to get things back by wanting to remind her investigators that there were other cases going on, but the time certainly could not have been chosen more incorrectly.

In another very emotional scene, Gabrielle announces to her colleagues and friends that she is leaving, and the fate will be particularly harsh.

So, after Laurent Clutier, Nadine Legrand, Jeff Morin and Gabriel Simard, he is the fifth lieutenant in six seasons to quickly support Daniel Siason in season 31.

Although the doors of Gabriel 31 are still open, the big names still need to be changed quickly. Now the question is who knows. After all, what effects do these departures really have on the dynamics of everyday life?

District 31 airs Monday through Thursday at 7pm on ICI Télé.

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