Fabienne Thibault says she was sexually assaulted at Montreal World Film Festival

Quebec singer Fabienne Thibeault admitted for the first time Thursday evening on a French television set that she was sexually assaulted on two occasions by well-known public figures.

One of its events took place in the 1980s, during the World Film Festival (FFM) in Montreal.

The 71-year-old singer played the role of Marie-Jean in the first version StarmaniaThe host told Jordan de Luxe that she had arrived on the top floor of the hotel where the ceremony was taking place and was then introduced to her attacker – a popular singer in her sixties – by the head of FFM.

“He's clean on him. He offers me a glass of champagne. He takes my hand, and suddenly we're walking toward the bedroom. “Why is this guy taking me to his room?” I say to myself. We move forward, where we're in front of a large bay window. , where we have all of Montreal at our feet,” the musician explained.

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At that moment, not suspecting what would happen, the interpreter thought the man wanted to look around, and so began to describe the scenery to him; Jacques-Cartier Bridge, working-class neighborhoods, he grew closer to her. “He puts his dick in my hand,” marveled Fabien Thibault.

Wondering whether she should scream or slap, the singer did so mechanically without understanding. “He touches my hand. He takes out a silk handkerchief from his pocket. I wipe my hand and say to him: “Good evening, sir, please do not make me attend the screening this evening”. Because after that we have to go to the theater to see a film,” she said. She continued.

Fabienne Thibeault then left the room and never saw this man again.

After his testimony, host Jordan De Luxe, the interpreter of the immortal song, was left speechless. The world is stone He described the second sexual assault, in another context, as “extremely violent”. However, she refused to go into details.

By answering only yes and no to the host who questioned her, she indicated that her attacker was “a great personality” and that he was dead.

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