April 1, 2023


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Anna Jogowska comments on the departure of Pyotr Josowski from Instagram

Anna Jogowska comments on the departure of Pyotr Josowski from Instagram

  • Piotr Gąsowski reported that due to the wave of hate that fell on him after one of the entries, he has suspended his network activity
  • Information regarding the actor’s resignation from daily Instagram entries cannot be accepted by his fans and friends of the star
  • The dancer and her ex-partner Piotr Gąsowski, Anna Głogowska, has implored the host of “Your Face Looks Familiar” to get back on social media.
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Peter Gusovsky He faced heavy criticism in recent days after that He expressed his opinion frankly About driving a car after drinking alcohol by a famous singer, host of Beata K.Your face looks familiar“He was shocked at how much hatred was placed against the singer. He might not have expected that he would also meet him for his defense of the artist. Strong reprimand from fans. After the actor received a slew of hateful comments on his title, I decided to disappear from InstagramWhat to report By uploading to the video network.

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First Śleszyńska, now Głogowska. Former partners support Piotr Gąsowski

Under the video material posted by Piotr Gąsowski, there were a lot of comments from the stars, including Hanna Śleszyńska. Piotr Gąsowski’s ex-life partner and mother of his son commented emotionally on the star’s decision:

“She has defended me many times against malicious comments and has never lacked strength. I understand you’re sorry and bad, but remember that there is a huge group of people out there who support, love, and love you. don’t leave us– I begged Hanna Śleszyńska.

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Photo: Instagram / piotr.gasowski.official

Hanna Śleszyńska commented on Piotr Gąsowski .’s decision

Now to Pyotr Gusovsky’s decision Another partner of Piotr Gąsowski . also commentedAnd Anna Gogoskawho tagged the artist in her Instagram post and strongly urged him to return:

Anna Głogowska’s entry sparked a real torrent of comments again. Supporters of dancers Piotr Gąsowski and They are waiting for the actor to return to social media:

Photo: MW Media

Anna Gogowska and Pyotr Gusovsky met during the preparations for the program “Dancing with the Stars”

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