Corona Virus.  Radom reopens a temporary hospital

We are hiring doctors, nurses and nurses in a temporary hospital. At the moment, there are no problems with the staff. The hospital will be ready on October 4 – the facility’s director, Marek Pacina, announced at the Monday session of the Radom City Council.

Starting next Monday, the first 56 standard beds for COVID-19 patients and 10 ventilator beds will be ready.

We will launch more places.

– If necessary, we will start new places. In total, the hospital has 80 beds for patients who do not need treatment with ventilators and 20 beds with connections to ventilators, Pasina explained.

Currently, patients with COVID-19 are admitted to the 26-bed Department of Surveillance and Infection of the Radom Specialist Hospital at ul. Tujerman, where 10 beds have been allocated for coronavirus patients.

There were 9 patients on the ward on Monday, 7 of them Persons not vaccinated for COVID-19.

Temporary hospital returns

The temporary hospital will operate, as it did during the third wave of the epidemic, in the newly constructed building of the Rehabilitation Center at ul. Naruto.

The hospital opened at the end of March. In addition, at the beginning of May, the intensive care unit for patients with COVID-19 was opened, which is located in modern rooms in the main building of the hospital on ul. Tokterman. In July, due to the marked decrease in COVID-19 cases, hospital operations were suspended. According to the decision of Masovian Voivode, the hospital will open again on October 4.

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