Pope of the people of science and culture: the university is a place of freedom

Quoting the eminent German theologian Romano Guardini, the Holy Father stated that there are two kinds of knowledge. One comes from the contemplation of created reality, the other from the absolute bestowal of human power on the world. In the latter case, the logic that allows you to do everything comes to the fore.

He warned of the dominance of technology where “in the name of progress, everything is unified”. Francis emphasized the role of culture and the university, as it should be a place where “thought is born, develops and openly matures”. He stressed the need to build a human and solidarity civilization, a sustainable culture and environment.

Referring to the international cooperation and education of students from other regions of the world at the Catholic University in Budapest, the Pope stressed that by opening up to others, we get to know ourselves better.

Referring to the time of communist dictatorship and the transition to consumerism, the Holy Father warned against false freedom. He explained, “The idea of ​​communism was a coercive, externally limited, ‘freedom’ decided upon by a third party, while the idea of ​​consumerism is a liberating, pleasurable, self-contained ‘freedom’ that makes us slaves to consumption and things.”

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