Let’s not be a country of football cheats

In fact, I think the 69-year-old Fernando Santos – who works in Greece or Portugal both at club and national level – has certainly seen a lot – his eyes widened when he heard that the national team, and therefore the fans too, were divided by the issue of reward for winning against Next round of the World Cup. Perhaps he would understand that the source of the misunderstanding, for example, is the frown of the biggest star, after all, he experienced it when he faced Cristiano Ronaldo himself. But squabbling over money, and in a situation where the team achieved its best result in 36 years? I deliberately do not write about success, because the debatable style presented by the white and red somehow disavows this achievement.

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Of course, the easiest way out now is to accuse Łukasz Skorupski of all the fuss, who returned to the case a few months ago when he interviewed Przegląd Sportowy and revealed the truth of the matter. The fact that the publication date of such an honest conversation is not fortunate, as it coincides with Santos’ debut and the start of the Euro 2024 qualifiers, but may finally be a sound that cuts through a lot of the unhealthy speculation that has grown. about this case. Marek Kominski, until recently vice-president of PZPN, now writes in wp.pl: “Łukasz seriously drew his colleagues from the national team into the discussion with his statements about bonuses. He made credible everything written about the team after the tournament. He made fun of the coach and staff working with the national team Patriot and co. Until recently, he turned a group of cool boys looked down upon by all into economic vampires.

Skorupski’s shift, or perhaps it was made by those who, instead of concentrating on the World Cup, were debating what government money was supposed to flow to them? And not now, but earlier, when more and more journalists revealed the Doha events, which the staff and players tried to deny. In football, unfortunately, hypocrisy is all too common. Let’s talk about everyone only until it comes to ourselves, let’s hold the guilty accountable, of course, provided that we are not the ones to blame, etc.

We do not draw conclusions. We have had many cases in Poland that have not been shortened, clarified and definitively closed. I do not want too lofty analogies, but even a quarter of a century after the fall of Communism, some circles still make their bids on files that could discredit an uncomfortable political opponent. If the settlement had taken place in 1989, all the agents and henchmen of the then power had been exposed, there would have been no extortion with receipts or favors to conceal the inconvenient past.

To be honest, I feel sorry for Czeslav Michniewich in all this, because after all, the prime minister’s huge money was discussed and dreamed up by all the participants in Qatar’s adventures, and only he really suffered the consequences. After all, none of the players or some members of the coaching staff lost an hair for this. Moreover, at least one of them is still working for PZPN, and as I hear, it works fine.

Koźmiński in the aforementioned interview also says: “For me, this crew is falling apart.” I’m not going to exaggerate, maybe it was just the catharsis I needed, I don’t know if it was just now. In fact, Santos had a lot of problems in just a few days – from several injuries to the potential acid in the team that the Skorupski interview might cause. I am not surprised that the Portuguese ordered media silence and demanded to focus and focus only on football. I think, but when he got down to business, he might not have thought that the most important football team in the country could fall apart because of the financial scandal.

But it is likely that Santos will surprise many. “However, not to be too pretty, it should be noted that even the best plans can collapse if we do not find the right people to implement them. For example, the vision of the training program for children and youth is excellent, but will we be able to break away from the old habits of circumventing the rules, the dictates of managers and the resulting machlogka in promoting young footballers to club and national teams in one fell swoop? And will they not succumb to the temptations of wealthier parents who are overly concerned with their children’s careers without an objective view of their actual talents and skills?Is PZPN finally able to build an effective nationwide system of control to effectively combat all these diseases?I write about this with pain, but if one of the eminent principals of the Polsat Group, father of two young footballers, about it, I can believe something happened.It is true that no one has held anyone’s hand yet and probably won’t hold it for a long time, but if it is here As already a training tariff for parents to put their child in eleven children to match, all these noble efforts may fail the current management of PZPN.”

So let’s do everything so that Santos at the start of his career does not think that he has come to work in the country of football money-makers.

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