world Cup.  The Brazilians are out of control.  The Italians will never reach the full pot!

The Italians did not pay the Brazilians for their defeat in the group stage of the Volleyball World Championships. Azzure did not use the set ball at the end of the third instalment, and was smashed in the next. A team from the country of coffee will play for the gold of the 2022 World Cup.

Piotr Woźniak

Brazilian volleyball players

Press materials / FIVB / In the photo: Brazilian volleyball players

The first set of the semi-final match played at the Omnisport Arena in Apeldoorn is a very consistent match for the European champions. David Mazanti’s team can count on their captain, and subsequent attacks by Paula Egon caused admiration and uproar in the stands. However, the Brazilians waited for this part of the meeting, and in the end, Lauren unexpectedly became the heroine. Carroll’s ban on Egon at 20:21 gave the Canary team a chance to win a set, which they didn’t shoot anymore (23:25).

The Italians have to change something quickly, and above all Alicia Oro needed to better balance her team’s attack. And this is how Petrini Lucia Bossetti came to us. The 22-year-old immediately reported off the field with a successful diagonal and Azzure slowly began to dominate the field. Gabi could not stand the pressure, threw a very important ball into the cars at 23:21, and after a while we tied 1-1 on the scoreboard (25:22).

The Brazilians managed to lure their opponents into their game after a three-minute break, and when Rosamary finished off a very long move filled with impressive defenses with a second-line attack, coach Mazanti demanded the time (10:6). This was the moment when the Italians had to rely on the intelligence of Miriam Sella and the defensive work of this player who kept them both in the match. When Anna Danisi stopped Carroll, the European champions still seemed to be able to turn the fortunes of the game (23:22), but in the advantage game the Brazilians were flawless (24:26).

The Italians grabbed the untapped opportunities, neither Aegon nor Petrini were able to break through the Brazilian wall and coach Mazanti quickly responded (0:3). The Brazilians took Sila off the dance floor with a block, which was replaced in a very difficult moment by Bosetti (7:12). And the volleyball players of the Italian national team could not get to the “orange” team, and after the attack of Rosemary the advantage of their opponents was devastating (12:21). The shock in the middle of the net at Danesi closed out the semi-final match. And on Saturday, the Brazilians will face Serbia in the final of the World Championship!

Italy – Brazil 1:3 (23:25, 25:22, 24:26, 19:25)

Italy: Sella, Oro, Lubbian, Danisi, Igono, Bosetti, De Gennaro (Libero) and Petrini.

Brazil: Rosamaria, Lauren, Carolina da Silva, Carol Gataz, Fernanda Silva, Gabi, Nym (Libro).

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