Ewa Kasperzyk: The storm after the actress spoke about the movie "365 Days: This Day"

Ewa Kasperzyk He recently caused a real storm. The actress starred in the movie 365 days: this day The main character’s mother, replacing this role Grażyna SzapołowskaWho created this character in the first part of the stunt hit “365 days”.

Ewa Kasprzyk has had many roles in films, series, and theatrical terms, and she knew that critics’ opinions on the screen adaptation of Blanka Lipińska’s bestselling novels were overwhelming. So why did you decide to participate in this production? The actress openly admitted that she starred in the movie “Crap.”

“Sometimes the desire to touch something very bad is stronger than the fact that they will say that you played crap. (…) I enjoy all this, which I do not hide. Because I am an artist ”- she explained in one of the interviews, causing a storm on the web.

I think you’ll love the quiz I made as a comment on the alleged scandalous statement I made after the premiere of “365 Days. This Day”.

Ewa Kaspercic: – I’m curious [uśmiech – red.].

Michel Moroni [czyli Massimo z “365 dni” – red.] Or Jean Clement?

Janick Clement, always. However, this is my backyard. Although they both have fire inside them, but of a different kind. One is Italian, a macho type, a goddess for women all over the world and part of contemporary romance, and Janic is a wonderful literature that delights hearts.

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