Elite School Announcement - Season Six.  The crazy series returns with a close-up trailer

The Spanish youth series focused primarily on the deep relationships between the characters and all kinds of “drama” returns. On November 18, 2022, the sixth season of School for the Elite will appear on Netflix, which is fully demonstrated by today’s announcement.

The trailer for the upcoming production in Great Steps lets you take a look at the main characters and their weird love affairs. We can see the return of the heroes as well as those joining the cast in new episodes. Below is the description of the sixth season of Elite School:

After Samuel’s death, Las Encinas begins a new school year trying to get plastic surgery by hiding past disasters. However, conflict in the classroom is systemic: racism, sexism, domestic violence and LGBTi phobias are just some of the tough issues that will sweep the corridors of this prestigious institution this season. If those at the forefront of the system fail to take effective steps to address these issues, learners will have to do so on their own.

As it appears, in the sixth season we will not have the opportunity to watch the next adventures of Samuel, who appeared in the Spanish production from the first episodes. It is reported that Omar (Omar Ayuso), Rebecca (Claudia Salas), and Kaytana (Georgina Amoros) are also leaving the show.

The new cast are Ander Puig (known for his production of “El trayecto”), Carmen Aruvat (“HIT”), Alvaro de Juana (“HIT”), Ana Boca (“Capítulo Cero”) and Alex Pastrana (“Welcome to Eden”). Their job will be to present challenging topics related to, inter alia: racism, domestic violence or sexism.

As stated in the introduction, The sixth season of School for the Elite will premiere on November 18.

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