Remember Penny from Dirty Dancing?  After participating in the cult film, she decided to leave her career

Cynthia Rhodes was raised in a conservative Baptist family. Despite her love of dancing and music, she often refused lucrative offers if participation in them could in any way adversely affect her reputation. Although she was multi-talented and her success was predictable, Rhodes decided to give up her career.

Rhodes career. Its success was predicted

She debuted with the role of Tiny Tech in Movie “Jack”. in drama Sylvester Stallone The survival movie starred Jackie opposite John Travolta. During the filming, I paid great attention, among other things, to how much ciaa reveal. The “Saturday Night Fever” director admitted that Rhodes valued her reputation above all else. “He would give up his career before he would do anything to embarrass his family,” Stallone said. The young actress played in ‘Prime Cuts’ and ‘Escape’.

Although viewers knew her from before, her role in the cult production was the guarantee of its success “dirty dancing”. Rhodes played the main character’s dance partner. Johnnyvanity (Patrick Swayze). Her character, Penny Johnson, decides to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, and the topic of abortion was one of the important topics raised in the film. The last time Rhodes appeared on screen was in 1991 in the movie “Crystal Eye”. After participating in productions, she put her career on hold and focused on family life.

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The private life of the actress. Rhodes is a mother of three

She met her future husband, Rhodes, on the set of Staying Alive. With Richard Marx, who was seven years his junior, they were at first just friends, but over time a feeling arose between them. Despite the age difference and the controversy surrounding it, they got married and the fruit of their relationship is three children. Cynthia decided to devote herself entirely to motherhood and after the success “dirty dancing”Despite many professional offers, she withdrew from show business.

Rhodes and Marks had a harmonious and happy marriage for 25 years. In 2014, the media published information that the actress W Musician or performer I decided to divorce. – I had a big one good luck And blessed to not only be married to Cynthia all these years, but just spend time with her. There is no better man. I am so grateful that we were together, raised such wonderful children – He said About Marx’s ex-wife in an interview with People magazine.

Cynthia Rhodes is not active on social media and has not been active professionally for years. It is not known what she is doing now and what her private life is like.

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