European Union sanctions.  Belarus will not sell oil to Germany

Already at the beginning of December, oil supplies stopped abroad – the portal referring to Reuters news indicated. Information about the interruption of deliveries was also reported by Interfax Zapad.

Oil production in Belarus has reached about 1.7 million tons since 2013. Minsk used its own raw materials for export, which was implemented by Belarus NAFTA. The company was subject to European Union sanctions last week as part of the latest package of restrictions imposed on Belarus.

According to the portal, in 2012-2019 all oil exported from Belarus went to Germany. In 2020, supplies to Germany decreased to about 1.2 million tons, and about 400 thousand. Tons of oil processed in Belarus. Belarus earned $343.2 million from selling oil abroad last year.

Refineries in Belarus use not domestic raw materials, but those imported from Russia. Russian oil flows through the territory of Belarus on its way to the countries of Northern and Western Europe.

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