February 1, 2023


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Eva Kaili: prześladują Katar a za dialog z nim oskarżają o korupcję (fot. Vladimir Rys/Getty Images)

Eva Kaylie talks about “authoritarian Poland” and Qatar – a pioneer in respect for rights

In January 2016, the current Vice-President of the European Parliament, Greek MP Eva Kaili, accused the Polish government of a “disturbing authoritarian turn”. A politician who allegedly attacked Poland for its lack of the rule of law was arrested Friday in connection with an investigation into corruption and money laundering. According to the media, the country involved in corruption is Qatar. Until recently, Kylie praised Qatar as a “workers’ rights leader”.

According to Kela, the harbingers of authoritarian tendencies in Poland were the averting of the assassination attempt on the Constitutional Court, carried out by the House of Representatives (PO-PSL) majority of the seventh session in 2015 through the illegal selection of candidates for already held positions of judges of the Constitutional Court, and the liquidation Monopoly of the “total opposition” in the mainstream media through changes in the general media.

At that time, Kylie had already, in January 2016, demanded not only the implementation of the “rule of law mechanism”, but also a proposal on how the European Commission would report its position to Parliament on the alleged violation of the rule of law.

The Greek socialist assesses the norms prevailing in Qatar in a completely different way. Kylie spoke during the debate on the European Parliament’s draft resolution on the FIFA World Cup host country. Only recently has the state officially abolished the system known as sponsorship, which labor advocates have compared to modern slavery. The minimum wage for foreigners and Qataris has been officially equalized.

Kaylee: Qatar is a leading country in the field of workers’ rights

But, as pointed out by MPs in favor of the resolution, both solutions (guarantee and minimum minimum wage) were in place for most of the run-up to the World Cup, and it is suspected that they will continue to be used even after they are officially abolished. .

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It was also emphasized that the number of fatal accidents during the construction of stadiums had increased, reaching, according to some sources, 6.5 thousand. Skeptics of country changes are also not sure whether solutions that were officially introduced before the World Cup will stick after the World Cup.

But according to Kayla, Qatar is evidence that “sports diplomacy has led to a historic shift that inspires the Arab world.” “I said myself that Qatar is a pioneer in the field of workers’ rights, abolishing the sponsorship system and lowering the minimum wage. However, some here still demand discrimination against this country, persecute it, and accuse everyone who engages in dialogue with Qatar of corruption,” she said at the end of November.

On December 9, the Greek woman was arrested in Brussels in connection with the ongoing corruption investigation, in which the Qatari authorities are involved, according to Agence France-Presse. In the home of the Vice-President of the European Parliament, the officers found bags full of cash. In addition to Kayla, four other people, including her partner, have been arrested in the case. More in this article.

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Corruption is at the top of the EU authorities. Arrest of the Vice President of the European Parliament

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