Speculation about Putin's failure?  Secret Kremlin propaganda instructions leaked |  world News

A secret Kremlin document, released to the public by Security Service of Ukraine – He says German “Bild”. They are instructions on how to conduct propaganda in Russia and analyze messages so far. Journalists called the document “shocking”, and the conclusion is that it may indicate the defeat of Vladimir Putin – the citizens of the Russian Federation do not know what was done war.

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“Friendly People 2014”

Russian President Vladimir PutinWhen he joined the war in February, he used false arguments about the “de-Nazification of Ukraine”. According to Kremlin analysts, sentiment did not follow the message.

There was little information about children murdered in the so-called people’s republics and the nationalists’ massacres of Russians

– We read. “There are not enough eyewitness accounts from Ukraine, which will add emotional support for the special operation,” the propaganda letters say.

According to the authors of the document, the propaganda should use the image of “polite people” from 2014 in the Crimea, when Russia “liberated” these areas from Ukraine. Eight years ago, Russian propaganda published “pictures of rescued animals and soldiers looking after children, ancient warrior Crying of joy at the meeting.

Trucks in Mariupol

The instructions also indicate the insufficiency of propaganda activities in the occupied territories of Ukraine. The recommendation is obvious – round-the-clock broadcasting of Russian TV channels. To make this possible, Moscow sent three transport cars to Mariupol.

The document also provides guidance for the information prepared about the war: instead of the occupation, one should talk more about liberation, and one should not avoid hiding the numbers of dead and captured from the Russians. There is a danger that “the enemy will seize the person.”

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