June 3, 2023


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iPhone 15 is not for the pole.  The price was paid off their feet

iPhone 15 is not for the pole. The price was paid off their feet

iPhone 15 is not for the pole.  The price was paid off their feet

The iPhone 15 will be significantly more expensive than its predecessors, LeaksApplePro reports. If so, given the currently weak zloty, there is a drop in prices in Poland.

The price of the iPhone 14 introduced in September is the same as their predecessors, but only in dollars. The weakness of the zloty prompted Apple to value the conversion rate used, so that, as you know, the basic model would have to pay a paltry 5199 PLN. Let’s face it, it’s expensive, and unfortunately there’s a chance it could be even more expensive.

As LeaksApplePro reports, the Cupertino company is in trouble because the production of the iPhone 15 has turned out to be more expensive than originally expected. This is especially true of the higher version, i.e. the successor to the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which, according to accounts, costs as much as $90. on the estimated budget.

iPhone 15: a price increase is inevitable

Reporters expect Apple’s new flagship to be around $200. More expensive than its predecessor, it currently costs $1,099. And if so, then Taking into account the current adapter, the smartphone in question may cost more than 8,500 PLN in Polandenters the still somewhat futuristic Samsung Galaxy Z Fold section.

Interestingly, marketers are said to see the difficulty of this situation, and therefore we will not see the iPhone 15 Pro Max, but the Ultra. However, in general it will still be Just On top of the iPhone, it was named slightly differently to hide the price increase, while at the same time unifying the naming with the Apple Watch or existing Apple processors.

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So good that nothing has yet been heard about price increases for the poorer models, although it must be remembered that ever-increasing production costs affect all segments equally. Another thing is that while cutting specs isn’t an option on the flagships, you can try to save on the cheaper models. In any case, just as it is now, it is not for nothing that the standard iPhone 14 has last year’s chip.

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Text Source: LeaksApplePro, compiled by. king