Zelensky criticizes the Prime Minister of the Netherlands.  “If you don’t want us in the EU, say so frankly”

President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an interview with Dutch television that I am convinced that Ukraine will win the war with Russia. The Ukrainian leader also said he “does not understand the Netherlands’ doubts about his country’s candidacy for EU membership.”

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The conversation was recorded in Kyiv and will be broadcast on Saturday evening by Dutch public television Nieuwsuur.

The president said in it that he was convinced that his country would win the war with the Russian aggressor. We want to fight to the last breath, but not to the last man,” said Zelensky. In his opinion, “Russia does not take into account human losses, and these will be” tens, even hundreds of thousands.”

Zelensky: Putin does not understand that the people of eastern Ukraine do not want to be part of Russia

Zelensky claims that in order to end the war, only one person needs to talk to him. I mean the Russian president. – There are no other people to talk to. All these people are nothing – Putin decides everything – said the Ukrainian leader.

The president noted that the war lasted much longer than the Russian president initially thought due to the fierce resistance of the Ukrainian army. He noted that the Ukrainians are highly motivated. “I don’t think Putin understands that the people of eastern Ukraine do not want to be part of Russia,” Zelensky added.

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“If you think we have no place in the European Union, say so clearly.”

Commenting on the European aspirations of his country, the Ukrainian president said – I do not understand the restraint of Dutch politicians towards Ukraine’s EU membership. In his opinion, support for Ukraine’s accession is “large enough” in Dutch society.

Zelensky revealed that he had discussed the matter with Prime Minister Mark Rutte on Thursday. – I said very frankly: if you think that there is no place for us in the European Union, then you should say it clearly – added the President.


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