Influencer criticized for hiding ‘ugly’ emergency exit signs at her wedding

A fashion influencer has been criticized for covering up bright red emergency exit signs with gold foil to avoid ruining her photos and videos.

“Imagine investing in a good photographer [qui peut retirer les détails non voulus] Instead of breaking security codes […] Really unspeakable — and I assure you, emergency evacuations are not a big deal,” said Madison Anne, a photographer and videographer, in a video that reached more than 4.6 million views on TikTok in a few days.

The latter responded to pictures from the wedding of fashion influencer Bridget Ball, creative director of The Bar brand, who chose to cover up the “ugly” flashing signs indicating an emergency exit during her recent nuptials to Newville surgeon Michael Chiodo. York, reported New York Post Wednesday.

Instead, he is said to have installed gold panels on which the word “Exit” can be seen, but is much less visible in the Edwardian reception room of the luxurious The Plaza Hotel.

For many Internet users, the pair was selfish by prioritizing aesthetics over security.

“I, as a wedding guest, couldn’t find my way out because I died in the fire (but that’s okay because the reception room is tastefully decorated),” quipped the first netizen.

“How selfish! Not thinking about the safety of others. Just Photoshop it! It’s red and big even for the blind,” replied a second in the comments.

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