End of the mission of OSIRIS-REx.  Will it bring back traces of life from the asteroid Bennu?

Despite the astronomical cost, the shipment is not large, weighing only a few tens of kilograms. With a little luck, the delivery company can deliver it to your home. Most of this weight is a cocoon encasing priceless contents, part of a kilogram of material taken from the asteroid Bennu. The cocoon was necessary for the sample to travel safely 1.9 billion km journey (this is six times longer than the distance from Earth to the Moon) and they would remain intact upon entering our atmosphere quickly More than 43 thousand km per hour

Thus the historical mission ends Osiris-Rex – Sending a probe to an asteroid He specifiesAnd take samples of it and return them to Earth. This effort has taken seven years (the probe was launched in September 2016) and has cost so far 1.16 billion US dollars, which is about 5 billion Polish zlotys. Dr. Jakub Siesela, a geochemist from the Institute of Geosciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, jokes that it would be “The most expensive geological specimen on Earth”.

this mission Double historical. Not only because this is only the third time in history that samples from an asteroid have been returned to Earth (the Japanese have done it twice before). The significance of the trip to Bennu and back lies in the amount of material that tightly envelops the aforementioned cocoon. Scientists from the Land of the Rising Sun managed to bring samples weighing a few grams to our home planet. The US space agency NASA has set itself the goal of returning At least 60 gramsAnd the hope is so The capsule will contain up to four times more.

So, there’s a real chance he’ll fall to the ground tomorrow A quarter kilogram of an asteroid. Scientists are rubbing their hands. – There will now be at least several hundred grams of this material, and perhaps a kilogram, enough to conduct a whole range of geological studies. Previous specimens weighing several grams did not allow scientists to fully extend their wings, Cecilla says.

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