June 8, 2023


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Załoga Shenzhou-15 spędzi na ważącej 66 ton stacji Tiangong pół roku (fot. PAP/EPA/Li Gang)

China: Three Chinese Taiyek astronauts arrive at Shenzhou 15, Chinese space station Tiangong (“Heavenly Palace”)

Three Chinese Taiyek astronauts have arrived at the Chinese space station Tiangong (“Palace of Heaven”) to bring back its crew. This will be the first operation by the Chinese.

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Shenzhou -15 spacecraft launched on Tuesday afternoon and our time from the space port in Desert Joby. More than six hours later, it was connected to the space station. The astronauts were greeted by the station’s three-person crew, who have been there since early June.

The former crew members are expected to return to Earth in early December, confirming the station’s ability to temporarily support six astronauts, another achievement of China’s space program.

Space experiments

The Shenzhou-15 crew will spend six months at the 66-tonne Tiangong Station, during which time it will carry out More than 1000 scientific experimentsFrom studying plant adaptation in space to fluid behavior in microgravity.

Chinese The space station is currently the second inhabited facility in Earth orbit, next to the International Space Agency. The station has been built over 11 space missions, the first of which began in April 2021.

The United States has isolated China from the International Space Station led by the United States and banned it NASA Any cooperation with China.

Tiangong Station is the cornerstone of China’s ambitionsWhich wants to become a space power and match the largest countries operating in space – the United States and Russia.


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