June 7, 2023


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Deutsche Bank brings Russian programmers.  "We are in danger"

Deutsche Bank brings Russian programmers. “We are in danger”

According to media reports, German Bank move to the new IT Center in Berlin Many IT experts from the current Russian Technology Center located in Saint Petersburg and Moscow. As reported by Handelsblatt and the Financial Times, several hundred employees have already “quietly” moved with their families to Berlin. Deutsche Bank was proposing such a transfer for about 1,500 employees.

authorities bank He did not comment on these reports, but announced that “a new technology center will be built in Berlin.” Staff assigned there will primarily “develop applications for an investment bank and corporate bank and integrate new technologies there.”

Tax office (illustrative image)The tax office passes the data of the Poles to the services for the authority. The record has been broken

high risk

Apparently, the risk of closing the technology center in Russia Giving up technical skills to employees has become too much for the bank.

At the beginning of March, Deutsche Bank announced that the operational risks related to the possible closure of its technology center in Russia He considers it “too limited”. “The technological center of Russia is one of the few technological centers of the bank in the world, and therefore its absence does not pose any threat to global economic activity,” he explained. Deutsche Bank operates other IT centers in Bucharest, the United States and India.

However, in its interim report, the bank took a distinctly different tone: “We are at risk that our ability to use technological resources will be limited or halted due to, for example, Penalties imposed by the West, the actions of the state authorities of Russia, or the actions of bank management.”

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“The recently launched transfer of Russian employees of Deutsche Bank reduces the risk of loss of professional knowledge in the event that the operation of the technology center in Russia is impossible due to tensions between the European Union and Russia in connection with the Russian attack on Ukraine,” writes Handelsblatt.

The article comes from the site Deutsche Welle