This will be the minimum wages and payments after tax changes – net accounts.  Double lift! [2.01.2022 r.]

At the beginning of 2022, a new minimum wage will be introduced. The minimum gross salary will be increased by PLN 210 – the government decided this. However, there is also a second factor that will influence the rate hike. The calculation of the net minimum wage from January 2022 will become more convenient for the employee due to the entry into force of tax changes under the “Polish deal” program. At the exhibition, we present a salary calculator – starting from the minimum wage and above, taking into account the new rules.

High inflation is eating up our wages (November estimate is 7.7% YoY). Some consolation – at least for low-income people – would be Minimum wage increase and tax changesThat will make your net salary higher.

As of January 1, 2022, the minimum wage for work is PLN 3010. As of January 1, 2022, the minimum hourly wage is PLN 19.70.

Salary increase to a total of 3010 PLNThat the employee will receive about 2,210 PLN “on hand” under the current rules. However, if we calculate the bonus taking into account tax changes as part of the “Polish system”, then the minimum net salary will amount to more than 2,363.56 PLN.

Check how the net salaries of Poles are affected by the tax changes provided for by the “Polish Łada”.

Accounts available in the gallery:

– She said that increasing the minimum wage for work will have a positive impact on the financial situation of families, and increase the income of workers who need special protection, especially during the pandemic.Marlena Mallig, Minister of Family and Social Policy

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