New Bond director accused of sexual harassment

Cary Fukunaga is a famous director who made the final part of the James Bond movie. He also directed the first season of the popular HBO series “Detective” and “Crazy”, which appeared on the Netflix platform. Now black clouds hung over the exit. It all started with his Instagram post criticizing the Supreme Court’s decision. According to what was reported by foreign media, the authority will vote in favor of withdrawing the decision that allowed the woman to terminate the pregnancy. According to Fukunaga, this is an attack on women’s rights.

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New Bond director accused of sexual harassment

However, not everyone liked the entry. The 23-year-old actress expressed her dismay by posting a comment on social media. Rachel Feinberg stated that Carrie Fukunaga “traumatically traumatizes women”. “It really bothered me because he doesn’t care about women at all. It just shocks them. I’ve talked to a lot of girls. She said, “Damn you, Carrie.”

The girl also published joint photos with the director and warned other women about him.

In the published video, she explained that she met the director when she was eighteen years old. I wrote a lot with him, and they also met live. However, Carrie asked her to introduce herself as his niece or cousin. Their relationship lasted three years and during that time they met secretly. The manager claimed that if anyone found out, “it would be bad”. Rachel Feinberg explained that the relationship caused PTSD and that she needed therapy.

Photo: Instagram

Instagram Report by Rachel Feinberg

Photo: Instagram

Rachelle Vinberg’s Instagram Report

The accusations were also raised against the director by the twin sisters who were supposed to meet him at the age of twenty on the set of the movie “Madman”. Kari Fukunaga was supposed to encourage them to have sex and suggest orgasm during a special screening of No Time to Die. This was supposed to happen at the director’s house. However, he himself did not address the accusations.

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