Box Office World: “Super Mario Bros.”  The highest-grossing movie of the year
The Super Mario Bros. movie. It turned out to be a global phenomenon. Selling outside the US was better than selling at home, compared to opening, the drop was only 28%. This means that Worldwide, the film just beat China’s Man Jiang Hong and with US$678 million is the highest-grossing premiere of the year.. Nobody doubts that a billion dollars is just a matter of time.

On weekends alone The Super Mario Bros. movie. reap $81.7 million. The total foreign receipts have already reached 330 million US dollars. Of these, 52 million are from Mexico, 43.8 million are from Great Britain and Ireland, 29.7 million are from Germany and 21.2 million are from France (and this is despite direct competition from the domestic supply The Three Musketeers: D’Artagnanwhich made a profit of $16.6 million in the same period).

Super Mario Bros movie

Meanwhile, the Japanese are still pampering their local creators. Although this is already the twenty-sixth part of the famous series, “Meitantei Conan: Kurogane no Submarine” (Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine) scored a record opening $23.5 million. In local currency (3.15 billion yen), this doubles the opening record for the month of April (1.6 billion yen). “Meitantei Conan: Hiiro no Dangan”).

Throughout Japanese box office history “Kurogane no Submarine” It boasts the second best 3-day opening (mainly because, until recently, films in Japan opened on Saturdays, not Fridays). She just has a better achievement Demon Slayer: Mugen Train – 4.6 billion yen ($43.9 million).

He was in third place “John Wick 4”. This was made possible by its South Korean release, where the film grossed $4.1 million ($5.9 million Wednesday total). Thanks to this, the weekend revenue amounted to $16.8 million. Foreign earnings are close to $200 million (currently $189.6 million). Globally, he has $349.7 million in his account thus It became the highest-grossing installment in the seriesbeating out $328 million “John Wick 3”.

Number four on our list is a fantasy show “Dungeons & Dragons: Thief’s Honor”. This time it was credited to his account $12.6 million. The film premiered in France, selling only a quarter of the tickets each The Super Mario Bros. movie. and 1/2 what The Three Musketeers: D’Artagnan). Despite this, foreign revenue is already close to $100 million ($83 million currently). Globally, it has 157 million.

The fifth horror came “The Exorcist Pope”. Its debut in other countries resulted in estimated weekend receipts at $9 million. Among the new markets, the best result was in Italy – $1.1 million by the end of the week.

Number Six is ​​a Japanese hit “Suzuma”who took another $6.5 million. (In contrast, the German portal InsideKino gives much higher receipts for the weekend – $ 13 million).

The only Chinese actor on our list is the action comedy with Jackie Chan “Longma Jingshen” (ride on). During its second weekend at home, the film remained at #1 and grossed $6.2 million. The total is $23.1 million.

The movie closes our list “air”which he picked up over the weekend $6.1 million. The picture is currently shown in 66 countries and has grossed a total of $20.8 million there.

The highest-grossing releases of 2023 without America

# Title influence without America
Total proceeds
the first show
1 Man Jiang Hong $673.6 $673.6 22.01 China
2 Liu Lang DQ 2 $599.3 $604.3 22.01 China
3 Super Mario Bros. movie (+2) $330.1 $678.0 5.04 United States of America
4 Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania[-1][-1) $261.3 $474.2 15.02 United States of America
5 Xiong Chu Mi Ban Wu Xiong Shin (-1) $221.5 $221.5 22.01 China
6 John Wick 4 $189.6 $349.7 22.03 United States of America
7 Wu Ming $138.0 USD $138.8 USD 22.01 China
8 Shin Hye $136.0 $136.0 22.01 China
9 Creed III $117.2 $271.4 USD 1.03 United States of America
10 Pathan $111.0 USD $128.5 25.01 India
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