Another vote from the Monetary Policy Board.  A sharp increase in interest rates?  "there is no place"

Inflation broke out in September Another record: 17.2%. The Monetary Policy Council – and in particular NBP Chairman, Adam Glapinsky – has to deal with the following critics’ votes. Also from MPC itself, including. from the professor. Joanna Tyrowicz.

The council member recently came out strongly in favor of Raise the interest rate by up to 100 basis points. According to the economist, such a move and a change in MPC communication are necessary to restore the effectiveness of monetary policy in Poland.

a. Cesare Kochalsky was asked on TVN24 “Fakty po Faktach” if he agreed with the above opinion. The answer can satisfy the professor. Adam Glapinsky.

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No drastic increases in interest rates, no rampant inflation

– We are in front of the so-called forecast for November, which will highlight the main economic parameters and then it will be easier for us to discuss possible changes, said the economist.

Requested, Do you see room for significant increases today?He answered no. Although there is no room for any growth. – Because if we look at the so-called output gap closes – said the professor. Kochalsky.

According to the MPC member, inflation readings in the coming months will be similar to September readings (17.2% YoY), and in the first quarter of 2023 CPI readings will also be high. He added that inflation should not exceed 20%, but that it would also depend on decisions not by the NBP and the Monetary Policy Committee.

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