"Electric heater" is making a career in the Internet search engine.  The Poles are preparing for a difficult winter

Domain energy crisis It’s getting more and more dangerous, especially since it’s about to start heating season. Other cities are alarmed because they cannot buy energy at the very high prices that energy companies are proposing. Wroclaw He even presented a plan to reduce electricity consumption. The Poles are also preparing for the harsh winter.

Radom. Electricity prices have increased ninefold. “It’s judgment”

The “electric heater” logo hit Google

Since Google has been collecting and sharing data about passwords, i.e. since 2004, “electric heater” is searched every year in September and October. In the past five years, interest in the logo has grown steadily and has broken new records. The last one was created last year, when gas was essentially more expensive.

This year, however, there was a real boom. The search term began to increase rapidly in late August. Since then, the results of previous years have accelerated and exceeded several times.

More information from the country On the home page of Gazeta.pl

Among the similar phrases that are gaining popularity, there are as many as 13 with an increase of 5 thousand. percentage compared to the previous period. These include:

  • radiant electric heater,
  • Which coolant consumes the least amount of electricity,
  • electric well
  • What is a heater for a room of 25 square meters?
  • The electric heater associated with the sky.

Electric heater – how much does heating cost?

Buying an electric heater is not a big cost – you have to spend several hundred zlotys on it. The cheapest models are about 150 PLN. You have to pay up to PLN 900 for the most expensive ones. The cost of use depends on many factors, such as the parameters of the model, the method of use or the area to be used heating.

Media Expert lists in its guideThe heater consumes 2000 watts indoors hours About 2 kWh of electricity. Assuming the price Stream 69 cents each hours We will pay PLN 1.28. If the heater is used intermittently, for example for three hours a day, then the cost of using it will be about PLN 115 per month. However, if to be the main source warmoperating without interruption, the costs have already increased to PLN 920 per month.

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