Dino will open more stores here and is looking for people to work.  This is the amount he pays
  • Dino will close 2023 with several thousand new employees. The 2.5 lakh limit is also close. Shops.
  • The chain plans to open dozens of stores in the coming weeks. There are many new jobs waiting for them.
  • It is already known that the chain will open fewer stores in 2023 than in 2022. Plans for 2024 have also been revealed.

Dino is growing rapidly and expanding in the market. In recent months, people have been hired 5 thousand new employees and 116 new sales places were created. It’s not the end of the year yet – Dino not only intends to build more stores and Is ready to hire more than 1,200 people to work in the stores alone.

Dino Closed 2022 with 2,154 stores. The chain’s plans for 2023 include the idea of ​​opening 300 branches, which will give a total of approximately 2.5 thousand. Stores all over the country. The chain currently has 2,340 stores and it is unlikely that the 2,500 store barrier will be broken in 2023.

The veil of secrecy regarding the plans to open stores this year and next has been lifted by Dino’s board member, Michal Krause. Business Insider Polska noted this There will be fewer stores open in 2023 than in 2022. On the other hand, the number of branches opened in the following years is expected to be higher compared to 2023.

This year we will have fewer openings than last year. The same number is likely to be next year. We hope that the number will be slightly higher than this year. In 2025, we would like to increase the number of openings, but this is still a long way off – Cruz said.

Dino It still plans to open dozens of stores across the country by the end of the year. New buildings are scheduled to appear in 12 of Poland’s 16 provinces. According to Radio Eska. Dino will open or has already opened new stores in individual cities in the provinces:

  • Lower Silesia: Bilawa, Nekhlov, Pločki near Lovec Slaski, Raković Velki, Strzegom, Sviradov Zdrój, Olenica,
  • Koyavian-Pomerania District: Dobrzejowicz, Koronovo, Lubjan Kujawski,
  • Lubowski: conovis,
  • Łódź District: Belchatov,
  • Lesser Poland Voivodeship: krzyszewice,
  • Opole Prefecture: Kalkov, Kedzerzyn-Kol, Kujawi, Strzelczyki,
  • Podkarpacki: tattooing,
  • Pomeranian: Nejkovic, Ugorzeleni,
  • Świętokrzejski: cicuti,
  • Warmia-Masuria District: szczytno,
  • Greater Poland Voivodeship: Chojno, Justin, Jarosin, Kalish, Srem, Floszakovic,
  • Western Pomeranian: Pieseckers, Goralice, Grivino, Kalish Pomorski, Marjanovo, Miroslavić, Mostkou, Rapinoe.

We checked Job offers can be found on the official website Dino. There are over 1,100 jobs available in the supermarket alone, there are more than just in-store jobs available. Dino divides job offers into four categories:

  1. market,
  2. storehouse,
  3. middle,
  4. Field work.

In each tab We can find dozens, sometimes hundreds of job offers, not just full-time. Most of them relate to working in supermarkets. Unfortunately, none of the job offers posted on Dino’s official website contain information about earnings.

If Dino does not provide information about the payment amount on its website, this information can sometimes be found in offers published on employment portals. One of the recent advertisements that included the salary amount was for a job in a supermarket in Lower Silesia. The announcement indicated a total of PLN 3,710, i.e. approximately PLN 2,850 net payment.

This is the amount of pay for the position in Dino However, it will not be valid for long. It is already known that as of January 1, the minimum wages for full-time employees will be: Total 4200 PLN. This is the amount of the new minimum wage in 2024 About 3,260 PLN per hand.

Przemyslaw Terlecki

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