Confused enthusiasm for "Queen's dogs" in Quebec

Quebec dog breeders are concerned about a sudden surge in demand for corgis after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

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“With his passing, the demands have skyrocketed. It’s just crazy. I’ve lost track of people contacting me,” laughs Linda Demers of the Haut comme Trois Pommes breeding farm in Beaconcourt.

Linda Demers' passion for her small furry animals

Thanks photo

Linda Demers assures her interest in the little furry animals has “skyrocketed.”

Since the Queen’s death on September 8, she has received thirty requests from Quebecers for her corgis. “Typically, it’s two or three requests a month,” drops Mme Demers.

General Tao, a baby corgi adopted by two Montrealers this week.

Photo by Francis Pilon

General Tao, a baby corgi adopted by two Montrealers this week.

Anne-Marie Lavallée of Simply Abbey in Mirabell admits that since the start of the royal mourning, around fifteen people write to her every day to adopt her dogs.


“When I see all the news, I say to myself: Help. At the beginning of the pandemic these were tough demands. This summer has been quiet. But there, with the death of the queen, it went crazy,” explains Mme Valley.

Newspaper He spoke to seven corgi breeders in the province who confirmed this trend. Despite the increased popularity of these dogs, which range from $2,500 to $3,500, not everyone wants to raise their prices.

“I am not at all surprised by this interest. The queen has always had an image attached to the breed, which has contributed to its popularity in recent years. Even when I’m walking down the street with my corgis, people come up to me and say, ‘Oh, they’re the Queen’s dogs,'” says Vicky Fontaine, Catwin’s breeder in St-Catherine.

Owned by Sarah Boucher

Photo courtesy of Eliza Gorgis

Dogs from the “Eliza Corgis” kennel owned by Sarah Boucher

Sarah Boucher, president of the Association du Pembroke Welsh Corgi et de l’Elisa Corgis Breeding in Quebec, says the frenzy is not good news.

very “scary”

“This is very terrible news. It’s nice to see our race being appreciated. The difficult thing is that if a particular dog has such an outbreak, there are people who see the signs of piastres and breed everything wrong,” says Butcher.

Owned by Sarah Boucher

Photo courtesy of Eliza Gorgis

Dogs from the “Eliza Corgis” kennel owned by Sarah Boucher

According to him, it is a matter of great concern to see the wave of abandonment of corgis so quickly adopted by Quebecers.

Corgi - Marc-Andre Hamel and Remy Savageau

Photo courtesy of Eliza Gorgis

“I can already see it’s going to be hell in six or nine months. There’s a risk that families will be on their honeymoon when they’re puppies, and they’ll abandon them when they’re teenagers,” predicts Sarah Boucher, who is also a member of SOS Corgis Canada, an organization that protects the breed.

Sarah Boucher's Eliza Kogis' dogs are very popular right now.

Photo courtesy of Eliza Gorgis

Sarah Boucher’s Eliza Kogis’ dogs are very popular right now.

Viral on the internet

Experts consulted Register I agree that the Queen is not entirely responsible for the popularity of corgis in recent years. According to them, social networks have given them a good boost.

Montrealers Marc-André Hamel and Rémi Sauvageau have had a baby corgi for only four days in their lives, and they know something about it.

“For us, this is a responsible and thoughtful decision after more than a year. […] I put some photos of him on Instagram and I have already received requests to become an influencer,” Mr. Hamel said with a sneer.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke, in a nutshell:

  • A very playful animal that needs to be intellectually and physically stimulated
  • First a sheep dog
  • Weight: 10 to 12 kg
  • Height: 25 cm to 30 cm
  • From Wales
  • Corgi means “dwarf dog” in Welsh

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