February 4, 2023


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The beetle returned with blows.  Will buy from Monday

The beetle returned with blows. Will buy from Monday

On Valentine’s Monday, Biedronka will be returning one of the most-purchased electronic accessories of the last year, Baseus products.

Baseus is a Chinese manufacturer of mobile and car accessories, which is very popular in the Polish market, usually due to its favorable price-quality ratio. However, it is not Pedronka’s own brandwhich some might fear. No wonder that as soon as it appears on the shelves, its products quickly disappear.

We have good news for all those who want to pamper their home booth with gadgets and for some reason are missing out on current promotions. Previously February 14As always while supplies are running out, Baseus will return to Pedronica.

The beetle returned with blows.  Poles love this brand

Products offered include: CCALL-BH01 3-Port Charger With a maximum output power of 17 W, two car mounts (magnetic and gravity), as well as various types of wires. Let us add, in the case of the latter, which we are talking about Cafule . serieswhich guarantees really good performance; Metal finish of plugs and nylon rope braid.

What should also please those interested is the fact that despite the rampant price, Biedronka does not intend to sell any of the above accessories at a higher price than last year. So the charger and handles are row expenses 29.99 PLN per piece, while cables are priced at 16.99 PLN.

Looking at the prices on the web, these are not exceptional occasions, but remember that you do not have to pay with the shipment, which is often the deciding factor in the case of electronic collection.

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Text source: Biedronka, ed. King