Electric cars.  Lidl will sell the cars.  And for this special production

European Parliament In early June, voted for a plan to reduce emissions Carbon Dioxide with cars Passenger cars and trucks at 100 percent by 2035. In practical terms, this means turning the auto industry into zero-emissions vehicles within 13 years and the end of car sales with an internal combustion engine. EP assumes that by 2030 is the goal Emission reduction It will be set at 55 percent. for passenger cars. Thus Lidl with its vehicle fits the European assumptions.

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Is this a sign of a slowing economy? Car sales in Europe fell sharply at the beginning of the year

Lidl launches an electric car

Describe the moto.pl . portalThat Elaris Finn is small, urban electric car. Inside, there will be room for two passengers and for purchases made in Lidl. It will accommodate 229 liters. The length of the vehicle shall not exceed three metres.

The car will be equipped with 14-inch aluminum alloy wheels and a touch screen multimedia device with connectivity BluetoothLighting valve Shining conditioning And cruise control and an electric motor with a capacity of 47.6 hp.

The car must be powered by a 32 kWh battery. because it is electric car It will be equipped with a CCS connector that allows charging at a power of up to 30 kW and will be able to charge from an 11 kW socket. According to the manufacturer’s announcement, a battery charged in this way should allow a mileage of 200 km.

More information from the country and the world can be found at Home page of Gazeta.pl.

Lidl will only be available for purchase in China

The car will appear on the German market this fall. Elaris Finn will be available for rent in a subscription – 222 euros per month with a contract concluded for 12 months. However, the car will have a maximum limit of (10,000) kilometers, after which each additional kilometer will cost an additional cost.

This does not mean, however, that the car will not be put up for sale. Elaris Finn will be available for purchase, but only in China. as the prices Provided by the manufacturer, it is expected to cost 23900 euroi.e. 120,000 PLN.

For this amount, you can find interesting offers in the secondary market, as well as among new cars

– Comments on the high price Krzysztof Kruczkowski from moto.pl.

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