Tax refund for 2022. Current accounts as of April 9th.  This is how much retirees, employees, contractors, and parents will get

This year, tax returns are due by May 2. Tax refunds include: full-time and contract employees, retirees, single parents, and families with children. In this article you will find information about tax refunds for all these social groups. This year, the accounts will be affected more than in previous years – this is the effect of tax changes (Polish rule, lower taxes). See how much you will get after settling the PIT. In the gallery, you will find tax refund calculations for 2022.

A tax refund is a refund of the excess amount of income tax for the previous year. The taxpayer discloses the amount of his income in the tax return, and the tax office calculates the amount of the tax liability on this basis. However, it happens that the taxpayer previously paid an amount higher than the amount actually collected from him. In such a case, the tax office returns the excess amount to the settled taxpayer.

The higher amounts of tax refunds for 2022 are a result of the tax changes implemented by the government in 2022. I am stating this on July 1, 2022. [b]The pre-purchase income tax was reduced from 17 to 12 percent. In contrast, the lower rate was applied to payments made from July, and to settlements from January 1. Therefore, the tax office is obliged to return Excess tax amounts.

The financial regulations provide for the refund of the excess tax for these retireeswho receive retirement benefits in the amount of a total of PLN 2,500 to PLN 9,300 and more than a total of PLN 12,800.

View the latest accounts of the Social Insurance Institution. In the gallery of the article, we present tables with calculations of specific amounts of different social groups: full-time employees, contractors, parents with children and retirees. Also in the gallery you’ll find tax benefit information and rates if you’re retired, but earn extra money by working:

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Important! Remember this: conditional Return the overpayment to the bank account It is to report the account number to the IRS in advance. It can be indicated in the statement provided or an update notice can be sent.

Taxpayers can file their 2022 tax returns until May 2 (Tuesday) 2023. Because April 30th is a Sunday and May 1st is a public holiday, we have two additional days to file our 2022 tax returns.

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