February 9, 2023


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Sarah Polly's book |  Allegations of a violent encounter with Jean Gomezi

Sarah Polly’s book | Allegations of a violent encounter with Jean Gomezi

(Toronto) A statement New York Times Toronto filmmaker Sarah Polly says her upcoming book will include allegations of a decades-long violent encounter between her and former CBC radio presenter Gian Komeshi.

Released last night at 8:55 p.m.

Sadab Ahsan
Canadian Press

In an article published on Thursday, The Times M summarizes parts of the next articleMe Polly Run towards dangerThe actress, writer and director also describes an incident that happened to Mr. Gomeshi when he was 16 and when he was 28 years old.

From journalist TimesDave Itzkoff focused on an episode entitled “The Woman Who Caught Silent,” and described a paragraph in which Mr Komeshi “became violent during a sexual encounter, during which he ignored her plea to stop hurting her.”

The article states that Mr Gomez did not respond to requests for comment from Rogue Media, the host, CEO and executive producer of an online interview program focusing on Iranian immigrants.

Canadian Press Mr. Komeshi was sent a comment by Roqe Media on Friday, and in 2016 he was acquitted of several counts of sexual harassment. The lawyer who argued for Gomezi was Mary Henin. Both requests were not answered Friday afternoon.

Photo by Ari Minds, New York Times Archives

Jian Komeshi in 2012.

The publisher’s media representative, M.S.Me Polley, Penguin Random House Canada, refused to provide a copy of the review until Friday next week and rejected interview requests with M.Me Polly.

MMe Polly, 43, is quoted in the article New York Times She felt it was a “deep ethical duty” to tell the story.

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The Times That m.Me Polly writes in the article that since the allegations against Mr Komeshi began to emerge in 2014, his memory and sexual history may have been questionable, encouraging friends and lawyers to come forward for him.

He is also Mr. Komeshi also writes that he exchanged funny emails and participated in friendly radio interviews in the years following the incident, the article said. Times.

Mr. Komeshi was acquitted in March 2016 of four counts of sexual assault and three counts of suffocation. In May 2016, he apologized to the fourth complainant and signed a peace agreement.

Run towards danger To be published on the 1stEr March.