Portuguese LNG transshipment center for Europe.  They mainly think of Poland and Germany

The Portuguese city of Sens will become an important energy center, reports Deutsche Welle. The local LNG terminal will be expanded to be able to supply gas to the rest of Europe. This is a large investment estimated at 4.5 million euros.

The port will handle large gas tankers and pump liquid raw materials into smaller vessels, which are easier to handle in other Central European ports. In this way, the gas will also go to Germany and Poland.

This port in Europe is closest to the most important producers of this gas: USA, Nigeria, Trinidad and Tobago – says Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa, citing DW It is the only deepwater port in Portugal.

As DW reports, Portugal is already negotiating with various countries “at the highest levels”. On LNG supplies from the port of Sines – mainly to Poland and Germany.

For this purpose, not only the port itself, but also the related warehouses will be expanded.

However, Portugal has a lot of competition, Spain too It has several large ports, both in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean, that can do this as well.

As we wrote in money.pl. According to data from Gas Infrastructure Europe, We currently have 37 LNG terminals across the continent, 26 of which are located in EU member states. There are about a hundred of them around the world. According to a BP report, 21 countries export LNG, while 43 Countries With Gathering Infrastructure (As of 2019).

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