Eleanor Lagasse flaunts her silhouette in a sheer laced ensemble crowned with thigh-high boots.

The multi-talented musician likes to surprise his fans by flaunting himself through daring outfits and his latest over-revealing look ticks originality.

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Eleonore is a free electron that causes shock waves when she uses her musical gift. Her freedom also translates into her most beautiful clothes. Their incomparable individuality is illustrated by the tiny sting Leo leaves behind on everything she touches.

Styled by his best friend, the set designer Anne-Sophie GaudetShe constantly surprises her Instagram community with her weird and extravagant clothing styles.

This time, the big winner Zenith She dares to wear a black monochrome outfit from head to toe, giving her an air of mystery. Her piercing gaze is framed by a large dark and deep line and long eyelashes that make her eyes look larger.

Earrings made of rhinestones and stones are bright ornaments that catch the eye. This glossy touch contrasts with Leo’s punk look. Accustomed to colorful ensembles, it takes a dark turn and lends itself to the game.

The Crop top The open asymmetric design leaves room for the imagination, revealing the bracelet of the star. A matching hash brown miniskirt with a sweater fails to cover her underwear, laced on the sides as is the top. Cutouts reveal the artist’s bulging stomach.

Eleonore embraces the sexiest boot of the season: thigh-high boots. These long, feminine patent leather boots give her a few extra inches. A true queen!

The Instagram Story / Eleonore Lacassie

The whole thing is crowned with a lick bun with a few spiky strands to copy many a favorite Y2K hairstyle. fashionistas.

Under the rays, the latter shines brightly even in the dark. No proof of Leo!

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