“Millionaires”.  The spelling question caused a problem for the participant.  Do you know the answer?

Thursday episode “Millionaires” I started with an elimination task, which was to select one of the six participants willing to play. And they approached him:

  • Krzysztof Marcjan (Wilczyce),
  • Joanna Pezda (Milik),
  • Mikołaj Musiał (Poznan),
  • Barbara Koklinska – Nowak (Gdansk),
  • Janusz Korowski (Wodge),
  • Monika Nowak (Kłodzko).

The delete task was: Arrange a, b, c, d according to the guidelines: handsome and attractive, multiple, networked, non-parliamentary differently.

a. Many

NS. St

NS. popularity

Dr.. attractive

The correct order is: attractive, many, pull, street. Four out of six participants said so, but the fastest was Monica Novak from Kudzko (Lower Silesia Province). Women study medicine in Wroclaw on a daily basis.

Ask at first Hubert Urbansky.

– replied the new participant in “Millionaires”, which, as she herself admits, sees her career path both in ophthalmology and in laryngology.

– asked the pioneers of “Millionaires” even before the start of the game.

I responded quickly.

– asked Hubert Urbański.

– said Monica Nowak.

A student from Kłodzko can count on the support of her loved ones during the game for a million. Her sister Agnieszka and boyfriend Kamel were seated in the audience.

The question for the PLN 500 was: What circle is not on the Olympic flag?

a. yellow

NS. orange

NS. red

Dr.. blue

The first question posed no problem to the participant, who quickly asked to mark answer “B” in orange. That was a shot at 10 o’clock.

The question for the guarantee of 1000. Reading PLN: We usually walk on our feet, both figuratively and figuratively:

a. on hair

NS. on the eyebrows

NS. on eyelashes

Dr.. on a mustache

Monika Nowak asked to mark the answer C, that is, on the eyelashes, thanks to which she received not only the guaranteed PLN 1000, but also participation in the additional game for 1 million.

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

“Millionaires”. The question about the Berlin Wall caused problems for the participant

Question about 2000 Read PLN: In which country has for more than 27 years stood the so-called anti-fascist fence?

a. In Germany

NS. in the UK

NS. In Italy

Dr.. in France

This was the first question that annoyed the participant.

– Monica Novak decided.

Slightly more than half of the public chose the answer “a”, that is, in Germany (54%). The participant suggested his choice and thus remained in the game for 1 million zlotys.

Question for 5,000 PLN Reading: The following three sugars form polysaccharides, and one does not. Which?

a. satiate

NS. coal

NS. hydrogen

Dr.. Oxygen

Monica Novak without hesitation asked for answer A, that is, carbon dioxide. It was a good move.

Hubert Urbański commented briefly.

The question is about 10 thousand. READ PLN: Why do some plants produce caffeine?

a. for faster growth

NS. To protect against insects

NS. to attract people

Dr.. For better prosperity

Monica Novak thought about this question for a long time, trying to get rid of potentially wrong answers. In the end, I decided to use a second lifebuoy. This time she chose “Half and Half”. After the prompt, the participant decided to choose option B. And it was a good decision. It turns out that some plants produce caffeine just to protect them from insects.

“Millionaires”. There was a spelling question. Do you know the answer?

The question is about 20 thousand. Reading PLN: Find the right model:

a. Watch out for something

NS. mistake

NS. Hey Lee

Dr.. divine error

Sharing thought for a moment, but finally decided to use the last circuit she was entitled to, that is, a phone call to a friend. On the other side of the phone was a boy named Carol, who thought the correct answer was option B.

– The participant decided with a smile.

Hubert Urbansky responded.

Question about the content of 40 thousand. PLN was: Syndet is:

a. Soap without soap

NS. Gasoline without gasoline

NS. house without home

Dr.. Eating without food

– Monica Novak publicly admitted.

In the end, however, the participant did not want to risk and decided to end the game, thus leaving with a check in the amount of PLN 20,000. zloty. The correct answer to this question was option (a), which is soap-free soap.

“Millionaires”. New entry in the game

So it’s time for new participants. The task of the elimination was to decide who would sit in the chair opposite Hubert Urbansky. Its content was:

Match the words with their meanings in order: stand, bonnet, tombstone, fluffy bun.

a. kippah

NS. kaddish

NS. Never

Dr.. the death

The correct order is: Kaddish, Kipa, Matzevah, Maca. Up to four participants were able to say so. However, the fastest woman was again – Barbara Koklinska – Nowak from Gdansk.

– With these words Hubert Urbański introduced the new participant from “Millionaires”.

Barbara Koklinska – Nowak could count on the support of her relatives – three of her children sat in the audience: two daughters and a son. Unfortunately, the woman didn’t even have time to start the game because a moment after she sat down, there was a familiar voice heralded by the end of the episode.


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