The development of railway technology is making train travel more attractive. A Polish company, Nevomo, has developed MagRail technology that can be used on existing tracks. Thanks to this, the trains hover over the tracks.

The Polish company Nevomo is trying to revolutionize the railways. On Tuesday, September 5th, the official presentation of MagRail technology took place. This is the first solution in the world that allows the implementation of the magnetic rail concept on existing tracks.

MagRail should be a competitive technology for already known solutions, such as eg. Maglev Electromagnetic rail. The advantage of Polish technology is that the cost of its implementation is much lower. This results from the fact that it can be used on existing railway lines, without the need to modernize them or build new ones.

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MagRail – Polish technology is capable of changing railways

MagRail technology, according to its creators, will be an environmental and efficient solution. In the video they made, we can see how the tests went in Nova Sarzena.

In the recording provided by Nevomo, we can see that during the tests the levitation effect was achieved after the vehicle speed exceeded 80 km/h. This allowed it to be raised to a height of about 20 mm above the railway tracks.

Benefits of MagRail technology include: There is no need for a locomotive, as a train of the same length can accommodate more passengers. This technology is also set to be much cheaper than competing solutions.

Cheap train from Poland

The construction cost of the Shinkansen railway in Japan is 160 million euros per kilometer. The cost of Chinese Railways Transrapid is 50 million euros per kilometer. According to information provided by Nevomo, the costs of preparing tracks to MagRail standards would be only around 10 million euros per kilometre.

This is because MagRail uses existing lines that need to be upgraded and updated with magnetic components. However, these tracks remain fully usable for conventional trains.

MagRail allows you to travel at speeds of 300-550 km/h. From the information provided during the technology presentation, we learned that work is still underway to improve the energy efficiency of the solution, so that the lift trains are not only fast, but also really environmentally friendly.

Karol Koltowski, journalist at Wirtualna Polska

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