Dutch fans supported the detained Legia players.  “BDW Bankoff, Josue”

Dutch police arrested both FC FC players at night after a conference league match against AZ Alkmaar. They spent long hours in a police station. The players’ case was supervised by the local lawyer cooperating with Legia, Piotr Mikus from the club and team manager Konrad Basniewski. After giving testimony, they were released and arrived in Poland on Friday.

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On the same day, fans of ADO Den Haag, a club friendly with Legia, hung a banner reading “PDW Pankov, Josue” (PDW is an abbreviation for “Greetings to the prison” – PAP).

Let us remember that after the Alkmaar match, which ended late on Thursday evening and which the Warsaw team lost 0-1, fights broke out at the club headquarters and the physical safety of many members of the Polish team was violated. Josue and Pankov were taken off the bus by the Dutch police and taken to the police station.

The owner and president of the capital club, Dariusz Miodoski, was implicated in the case and, as evidenced by recordings of the night’s events, was pulled and pushed by officers. Miodoski wanted to go to the police station with the arrested players, but he was not allowed to do so. After a long wait, the Legia bus was released with the rest of the players and they were able to leave the stadium. The Polish national team returned to Warsaw without the detained players.

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