January 30, 2023


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Maria Andrzekczyk receives praise from the international media for handing out the medal

Maria Andrzekczyk receives praise from the international media for handing out the medal

  • Maria Andrejczyk donated an Olympic silver medal to raise money for the treatment of eight-month-old Miłosz
  • Medal for about 200 thousand. Bought Żabka PLN. The grocery store chain immediately announced that the medal would be in the player’s hand
  • Articles on this topic appeared in, among others German and Spanish media
  • ‘Bild’ and ‘ABC’ each gave different amounts than Żabka paid for a fundraising organized by the Siepomaga Foundation
  • More such texts can be found on the main page of Onet.pl

On August 6, Andrejczyk finished second in the javelin throwing competition The 32nd Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The medal hanging around her neck was auctioned in Japan. The Polish delegate announced that the profits generated would be donated to treat eight-month-old Miłosz from Cieszyn Silesia.

On Monday, August 16, Andrejczyk decided to end the auction. The amount offered was high enough to cover the full cost of Operation Miłosz along with other contributions for good reason.

“On Friday, I received this wonderful information, and due to the fact that you, my dears, have already worked miracles and together you contributed more than the initial amount of the medal to Miłoszek’s account, I decided to end the auction so that Miłosz receives the full amount as soon as possible and can fly to the United States”- Andrejczyk wrote on Facebook.

The medal from Tokyo was auctioned by the Żabka supermarket chain. However, the disc will not go to the company. Instead, he will always stay with the Polish actor.

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“We were touched by the very beautiful and noble gesture of our Olympian, so we decided to support the fundraising for ailing Muse. We also decided that the silver medal from Tokyo would remain with Ms. Maria, who showed how amazing she is” – we read in the entry on abka’s official Facebook profile.

It happened Maria Andrejcic And Żabka in the lead roles arouses interest not only in Poland.

Andrejczyk sold her silver medal at auction at Olympic Games In Tokyo, to fund a Polish boy’s heart operation” – Bild report. Polish grocery chain Żabka offered the medal the equivalent of more than 110 thousand. Euro. Together with subsequent donations, Andrejczyk raised nearly 165,000. Euro for a needy family. Thanks to this Goal achieved ”- the German daily continues.

ABC wrote: “The great joy did not prevent Maria from donating the medal to charity. The auction started with 44,000 euros, then it reached more than 100,000.” We are witnessing a story that ended happily for everyone.” Spanish Daily.

There were differences in the accounts of the two addresses with respect to the amounts. Żabka donated about 200,000 to the operation. zloty. The remaining funds – 1.3 million PLN – come from a pool organized by the Siepomaga Foundation.