“Dune 2”.  What is the second part of Denis Villeneuve's saga?  review

I admit – I doubted that an audience accustomed to streaming would want to wait more than two years for the next part of a story that was suddenly interrupted. I doubted that the literary language of Frank Herbert's epic and the style of Denis Villeneuve's original film would reach a large, young audience. That there is still room for such a traditional plot. And that “Dune” 2021 has a chance to equal other great trilogies: “The Lord of the Rings” or “Star Wars.” I even questioned the idea of ​​casting stars of the younger generation in the lead roles, Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya, too immature – I thought – for a space feudal outfit. I felt sorry for the talent of the director who decided to indulge in a fantasy that seemed like a mouse for a decade.

Well, I'm barking again. The second part of “Dune” delivers more than the first part promised – it is a wonderful spectacle, an exhilarating spectacle. A masterpiece that fits the era.

Villeneuve brings out the best in the literary original. On the one hand, a royal tragedy of ancient Shakespearean origin. Space opera, on the other hand, is based on classical styles developed by anthropologists and mythologists. Although it seems that we have seen a similar pattern on screen many times, it works again and we boldly go with the hero on his journey.

Dune 2: Paul Atreides and his Initiatives

The screenwriters pick up the threads exactly where they left them at the end of the first part. Due to a malicious attack on his father's principality and their entire family, Paul Atreides finds himself with his pregnant mother in an inhospitable part of the planet Arrakis – a desert where sandstorms rage and giant sandworms swarm. Their fate now depends on the cruel nomads, the blue-eyed Fremen.

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