Movie about the king: "Elvis was weird and shocked" - Boss Luhrmann

Baz Luhrmann, Director Red Mill And Romeo + Juliet He released the trailer for his film on Thursday Elvis. Also the filmmaker gave his view on the Rock King.

“Great playwrights like Shakespeare did not write biographies. They took a life and used it as a canvas to explore a great idea. A biopic is a great idea, but take ‘Amadeus’ as an example: this is not a Mozart story, this is a film about jealousy, “Bass Lurmann told a news conference after the release of the trailer.ElvisAn event attended by QMI Agency.

“Many musical symbols are very important in my life. I was a fan of Elvis, but that love was not the reason I wanted to make a movie about him. In our time, Elvis’s life could not have been a better canvas for exploring America in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Elvis had a legendary life. In 42 years, he has lived three great lives. What is more interesting is that this existence has been at the center of the culture of these three decades.


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Talking to his musicians in Greaseland and doing a lot of research, the filmmaker discovered that “one of his former collaborators insisted that Elvis was strange and shocking when he was young. So the question I asked myself then was how could I translate a film that was” strange and shocking “to contemporary audiences?” There are times when there are, but there are also passages that are more of an explanation than a transcription.

“The other element that interests me is Colonel Tom Parker. I say he’s never been a Colonel, never Tom and never Parker.” Starring Tom Hanks, the character tells the story of Elvis Presley, who serves as a catalyst to explore the musical and social aspects of the three decades.

When asked by Austin Butler what motivated him to accept the role of King, the actor said, “There were a lot of reasons. Basically, it was an exploration of his humanity. Elvis became a reflection of the society of the time, he was a symbol and was considered inhumane.”

Singing …

“I was 27 when I was elected and I am 30 today. I have been living in his mind for a while, ”said the comedian.

“When I started this process, I set a goal to have the same voice as him. No one wanted to hear the difference between his voice and mys. And I kept it for a long time. A year before the shooting started, six a week to get the same changes. I worked with voice trainers for days.In the end, I had to quit.

“It was a privilege to go to Nashville to record with some of the best evangelical bands. The gospel had a great impact on Elvis, on his spirituality, on his music, on his way of moving and on the freedom of his body,” he said.


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Boss Luhrmann said, “Technically, Elvis’s recordings from before the 1960s cannot be used because they were performed on mono.

Recalled that Elvis A canvas allows him to touch on many social issues, and the Australian filmmaker paints a complex portrait of the youth of the time. “Previous generations were at war. Adolescence was a new invention. Why? Because teenagers had money and radios. Social networking sites at the time were radio. What were young people doing at night? They were listening to black music on their transistors. And this was the beginning of the event.

“The sexual revolution started by the rock is terrible. The liberation of the younger generation is so terrible because of the complex racial ties in the United States,” said Luhrmann.

  • Elvis Released in theaters on June 24.

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