Donetsk Oblast - The authorities are appealing to the residents to evacuate.  It is about 350 thousand.  osb |  News from the world

– Ukrainian forces are currently moving in several tactical directions, in particular in the south – in the Kherson region, in the Zaporizhia region – announced the President of Ukraine in his evening speech, adding that “the weapons that Ukraine received from its partners finally began to work with all their might.”

The Ukrainian General Staff, in turn, reported that the Russians in Donetsk were attacking the Ukrainian positions from three directions – Kharkiv, Slavich and Pakhmuk. Ukrainians are resisting these attacks.

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This is what it looked like to transport destroyed Russian tanks to the exhibition in Warsaw

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The most difficult situation in the Donetsk region, where the territorial authorities demanded the residents to evacuate due to the increased bombardment by the Russian army.

– About 350,000 out of 670,000 people still live in the Donetsk region. It’s still quite a large number. It is about their life, health and safety. They should leave, said Pavlo Kirilenko, head of the Donetsk Regional Military Administration, in an interview with the Suspilne portal. journalist Karolina Baka-Pogorzelska, reporting on events in Ukraine, in turn cited the information provided by Suspilne Donbas. In the Donetsk region army Russia is preparing a provocation at the power plant in Slavyansk with the intention of accusing Ukraine army For the sake of fire ”- she wrote.

This information was confirmed by Pavlo Kirilenko, governor of the Donetsk region, who believed that Slavyansk and Kramatrosk in the Donetsk region would be the next targets of the Russian forces.

In the recent attacks on Slaviansk, at least 6 civilians were killed and 15 wounded. On the other hand, two people were killed on Tuesday and 7 others were injured.

Zelensky: The losses of the occupiers will increase every week

President of Ukraine Wodymyr Zinsky In his evening speech, he stressed that the weapons received by Ukraine work exactly as the Ukrainian armed forces expected. He added that the defenders of Ukraine launched large-scale attacks on Russian warehouses and other important points of logistics for the occupiers. – This significantly reduces the offensive capacity of the Russian army. President Zelensky said the losses of the occupiers would increase with each passing week, as would the difficulties in supplying them.

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The Ukrainian leader noted that the Russian forces had destroyed the Pedagogical University in Kharkov. The attackers fired missiles at the university’s main building, lecture halls, university museum and library. “Only the enemy of civilization and humanity can do such things,” Zelensky added.

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