In the new aid package increase the budget, incl. Among the Pentagon and State Department, more than $20 billion is expenditures related to security and aid to Ukraine

The Washington Post reported that the latest US aid package to Ukraine, worth about $40 billion, includes funds for the transfer of advanced military technologies, including the Patriot air and missile defense system.

The US Senate on Thursday passed a law under which Kyiv will receive $39.8 billion in aid. The funds will be allocated, inter alia, to armaments, refugee assistance and economic aid.

research: The war in Ukraine. Head of Ukrainian Military Intelligence: We will return all lands by force

In March, Congress voted to appropriate $13.6 billion for war-related expenditures in Ukraine, including arms and refugee aid. Along with the new package, US aid will amount to nearly US$54 billion.

In the new aid package increase the budget, incl. Among the Pentagon and State Department, there is more than $20 billion in expenditures related to security and assistance to Ukraine.

The act authorizes President Joe Biden to deliver $11 billion in weapons to Ukraine, and allocates an additional $6 billion to the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, under which the Pentagon, among other things, buys weapons for Ukraine directly from producers.

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