War in Ukraine.  The Russians have deployed dozens of Iskander bombers on the border with Ukraine

The Iskander launcher has been used by the Russian army to fire at civilian targets. newly It was used for example. In the attack on KonstantinovkaWhen a missile hit a shopping plaza, killing several people and injuring dozens.

According to Wadim Skibiki, the deployment of this large number of launchers may mean preparations for them Executing an attack using a large number of ballistic missiles and cruise missiles simultaneously.

And such actions would force the defense forces of Ukraine, more precisely Air defense to select targets to be neutralized. As a result, facilities of less strategic importance, such as civilian buildings, will be severely affected.

Volodymyr Zelensky: Russia is preparing to bring suffering

Due to reports that Russian forces are preparing missile strikes against Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky instructs officials Starting urgent defense preparations in the fields of energy and air defence.

-We are fully aware of that Russian evil is also preparing for winter, preparing to bring suffering. He said that now everyone in the public sector and local authorities should do everything they can, even the impossible, if necessary, so that Ukraine can survive the winter and remain fully operational.

– There will be heads of the regional administration They reported on readiness status every day and every evening. Report to the government and the office. The task of the Minister of the Interior is to prepare the sectors as much as possible. He added that this was directly related to the work of the emergency services, but also simply about telling people how to provide protection.

And the President of Ukraine also announced that it will be available soon More Gebbard vehicles will be delivered to the countryIts task will be to protect energy infrastructure facilities.

Politicians quarrel in “Rymanovsky Breakfast”: I don’t care what you ask/Polsat News/Polsat News

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