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Ukrainian military expert, Reserve Colonel Oleg Zhdanov almost every day talks about the war in Ukraine on the channel Ukraine 24. The ex-soldier explains the course of the war to the Ukrainians in an accessible manner and presents his thoughts on possible actions Russia. In the last interview, citing Russian sources, he spoke of an anonymous letter written by the generals.

The war in Ukraine. Russian generals wrote a letter to Vladimir Putin

This was mentioned by Oleg Zhdanov the generals They delivered the letter to Vladimir Putin via the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Nikolai Patrushev, to the General Staff of the Russian Army. In the letter they criticized the attack on Ukraine He called for an end to the “special operation” to reduce additional losses and preserve the combat capability of that part of the army that had not been destroyed.

Russian President Vladimir Putin He told them that everything was under control and that they would continue the “operation” in Ukraine. president Russia He reportedly got angry and demanded the names of those generals behind the anonymous letter. As far as I know, Zhdanov said in an interview with Ukraine24 that some repression may now be carried out against them in order to quell any unrest among the soldiers under their control.

– According to my confidential sources, the opinion is growing in the General Staff that it is necessary to abandon the offensive operation in order to keep at least some ground forces on combat alert to solve other tasks and challenges facing Russia – he added. . Zhdanov also gave reports on the difficult situation in Afghanistan, where reports emerged that the Taliban were waiting for the mountain pass in the Ferghana Valley to dry up to pass through and attack Tajikistan, where Russian forces are currently destined to fight in Ukraine. positioned. Russian generals fear the Taliban will fight across the region toward Kazakhstan.

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Ukrainian expert on the affairs of the Russian army: “witch hunt” continues in the General Staff

The expert added that these reports are also confirmed fact Transferring the leadership of the “Operation” to the Southern Military District, and its commander General of the Army Alexander Dvornikov – Putin’s trusted army, whom he appointed in April 2022 (after the first unsuccessful attack on Ukraine) as commander in chief – chief forces Russian at war.

– This also confirms once again the hypothesis that the General Staff of the Russian Army today is so divided on the war, that in order not to destroy the whole “process” at all, the decision-making bodies were transferred to the southern military district, and the “witch hunt” is underway in General Staff. ” – Zhdanov noted.

The military expert also referred to the reports of the Russian-born millionaire Leonid Nevzlin, who reported a few days ago about the presence of about 20 generals. Ministry of Defense They were arrested in connection with embezzlement of funds intended for preparation for war with Ukraine. As of 2014, senior military officials had to steal nearly $10 billion.

Dmitriy PeskovRussia. Peskov did not want to talk about the crew of the sunken ship “Moscow”.


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