June 9, 2023


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Florida. 40 thousand girls arrested. Being a teenager is not easy at all.

In the past five years, nearly 40,000 people have been arrested in Florida. Girls under the age of 17, two-thirds of them on non-crime charges. The youngest arrested was six years old, according to a report published by the Delores Bar Weaver Policy Center in Jacksonville. The report shows a dramatic picture of the crisis the girls have found themselves in.

The Florida-based nonprofit Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center helps girls who have trouble with the law.

Their report shows that about 40,000 girls under the age of 17 have been arrested in Florida in the past five years. The youngest of them was six years old.

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About 12,000 of them were arrested, 10,000 were placed under surveillance and 1,400 were placed under house arrest. According to the authors of the report, such high numbers are due to the regime’s overzealous attitude towards girls, two-thirds of whom were arrested on non-criminal charges.

“It’s not easy to be me”

In addition to problems with the law, the report’s authors note that a worrying number of girls in Florida experience sexual abuse, personal abuse, mental health issues and homelessness.

One in three girls in Florida reported suicidal thoughts, one in five had been sexually assaulted or raped, and one in eight girls felt unsafe in the neighborhood.

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“Being a teenager isn’t easy at all. We’ve been through more than people think. We’ve been through some really bad things. We want to show that being us isn’t easy. Being me isn’t easy.” One of the girls quoted in the report.

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Treated more severely

The report’s authors also point out that girls are treated more harshly for less serious crimes than boys. About 66 percent. – Arresting girls for non-criminal offenses compared to 38%. In the case of boys. 40 percent – girls arrested for crimes, compared to 18%. children.

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Black girls are more likely to connect with the justice system. According to the report, they make up 21 percent. Florida girls are between the ages of 10 and 17, but they make up 45 percent. imprisonment and 52 percent. Transfer to court for adults.

The report’s authors also made recommendations that local authorities should implement in order to improve the situation. The main assumption is to reform the juvenile justice system and to show more support to minors and help solve their problems.

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