Na obszarach obwodu charkowskiego odbitych z rąk rosyjskich żołnierze ukraińscy zebrali dotąd ciała 63 poległych Rosjan. Zwłoki te mogą zostać wymienione na zabitych żołnierzy Ukrainy bądź tych, którzy trafili do niewoli - pisze w poniedziałek portal Hromadske.

In the regions of Kharkiv Oblast recaptured from Russia, Ukrainian soldiers have so far collected the bodies of 63 fallen Russians. These bodies can be exchanged for Ukrainian soldiers who have been killed or captured, the Hromadske portal wrote on Monday.

A whole group of military personnel is searching for the bodies of the Russians. Delivered to the gate captain. Anton Ivannikov of the Ukrainian Army.

So far, 63 bodies have been collected from the villages of Mała Rohań, Olchiwka and Cyrkuna. The search continues in that part of the Kharkiv region in eastern Ukraine, where the Ukrainian army expelled the Russians.

dead bodies preserved In refrigerators in Kharkiv belonging to State Railways. They will be replaced by our children – with the living or the corpses of our children – says Cpt. Ivannikov.

Among the 63 dead Russians who fell About 15 percent have been identified so far. The committee designated for this is responsible for the inspection and description. There are documents and inscriptions on belts or patches. Many of the bodies were burnt, without heads or limbs. Sometimes there is only half of the body Ivannikov said. Most of the dead suffered from artillery and shrapnel injuries.

Investigators take genetic material and enter it into the public database. This is to help identify those who have been killed if someone comes forward to help them. In most cases, identification will only be possible through genetic testing.

Sometimes residents refer to the places where they fell, but mainly by Ukrainian soldiers fighting in the area. captain. Ivannikov says so Some bodies lie unburied in graves, but were found directly at the sites of the fighting.

In Mala Rouhani, the army found five cremated and buried bodies. They burned their own people – describes Ivannikov. In the same town the body of a Russian soldier was found who had shot himself because his unit was retreating and he did not want to be captured.

According to Ivannikov, the Russians do not take the bodies of their dead, and therefore the Ukrainian troops take care of them. Either the lives of our soldiers, who we can replace, or whether our dead boys will be brought back, depends on this job The army said.

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